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ICS Rapid Image 7020CS IT 2.5" SAS/SATA/CF/uSATA Hard Drive Duplicator (F-GR-0018-000C)

ICS Rapid Image 7020CS IT 2.5" SAS/SATA/CF/uSATA Hard Drive Duplicator (F-GR-0018-000C)


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The Rapid Image 7020CS 2.5" hard disk duplicator provides a cable free mounting solution for 2.5" SATA and 2.5" SAS drives. The 2.5" Drive Caddie support the standard 2.5" SATA form factor drives, 2.5". SAS form factor drives and Micro SATA drives using Micro SATA Adapter. Each 2.5" Source Caddie supports 4 Source drives. The 2.5" Target caddie supports 16 Target drives.

*IDE drives supported with Optional IDE Drive and Host Caddy or by Optional Adapters.

  • High Speed Duplication: Copies 1 "Master" hard drive to 19 "Target Hard drives" or 4 "Master" hard drives to 16 "Target" hard drives simultaneously at speeds exceeding 6GB/min.
  • DOD Sanitazation: Sanitize up to 20 Hard Drives to DOD specifactions.
  • Operating System: Uses Windows XP Professional with full Gigabit network connectivity.
  • User Interface: Uses 8" touch color screen LCD. No need for external display, mouse or keyboard.
  • Quick Drive Detection: Can detect 20 drives in less than a minute.
  • Auto Drive-Insertion Mechanism: Consists of 2 Drive Dockings and 2 Drive Caddy Housings. Both are removable and each can host 8 drives with cable-less insertion and ejection mechanism for SATA and SAS drives.
  • Built-in Drive Coolers with Temperature Sensors : Each of the Drive Housings has built-in colling fans with temperature sensors to keep hard drives operating optimally.
  • Run Multiple Commands Simultaneously: The unit has the ability to run multiple commands of the duplication applicatios to allow flexible configurations.
  • Download/Upload Images from a Network: User can utilize up to 4 "Master" Hard Drives. The unit has the ability to download images from the Gigabit network to one "Master" hard drive while the unit is copying from another "Master" drive to "Target" Hard Drives with minimum speed degradation. At the end of the process the "Master" hard drive can be reassigned automatically by the application.
  • DCO and HPA: Unit has the ability to copy hidden areas on hard drives.
  • Easy Maintenance: The cable-less insertion mechanism incorporates a small, low cost and easy to replace board (SAS/SATA board and IDE board) for every slot.
  • Multiple Operational Copy Modes: IQCopy, Full Image, Percentage Image, Verify, Hashing Mode (CRC32, MD5 to SHA-1, SHA-2) and Wipeout.
  • Simple User Interface: Intuitive 3 level graphical user interface. Operational wizard allows user to easily operate the unit. Advance Settings can also be selected for low level control.
  • Remote Monitor and Control Network Application: The unit's Control Network Application software remotely controls and monitors each duplicator that is connected to the network. User can perform all applications, processes and commands remotely.
  • Secure Operation: Unit provides the ability to lock settings for secure operation.

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