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Produplicator FAQ's

Ordering and Shipping

Can I place my order over the phone?

How do I know if my order went through?

What methods of payment are available for my order?

When is my payment taken for my order?

How do I cancel my order?

How soon will you ship my order?

How fast will my order get here?

Can I upgrade my shipping speed?

How safe will my order be from delivery theft?

Do you have a physical store or retail shop where I can purchase from directly?

What happens if my duplicator is defective?

What happens if my order is damaged?

How do I return my item?

Do you charge sales tax?

DVD Duplicator - General FAQ


What is M-Disc?

Do I need a computer to use with the duplicator? Or is it standalone?

Does my duplicator come with a warranty?

What is the ENT button? What is the ESC button? What actions do they perform?

I bought some DVD and Blu-ray movies from a store. Can I make copies of them using a DVD or Blu-ray duplicator?

I want to back up my Playstation games and Xbox games I bought from a store. Can I copy them on my duplicator?

What media format types does my duplicator support?

Can a DVD duplicator copy a CD I made?

Can your duplicator copy a CD to a DVD or vice versa?

Can a DVD duplicator copy a CD+G format disc?

Can I make duplications of multiple CD and DVD master discs at the same time?

Will my DVD duplicator make copies in PAL format?

How can I check on my duplicator if my burned copies are accurate?

If I have a 7 disc duplicator, do I have to burn 7 discs every duplication run?

Can I change the DVD burn speed of the duplicator?

My blank DVD discs are rated at 8x maximum burn speed rating. Should I change the DVD burn speed of my duplicator?

What speeds settings do you recommend on the duplicator?

DVD Duplicator - Options

What is the optional USB connection for? Why should or shouldn't I opt for this?

Can I hook up my camcorder or digital camera to the duplicator by USB connection?

I noticed a USB Mode menu feature on my duplicator. What is this for?

What is the hard drive option for? Why should or shouldn't I opt for this?

Can I delete items in the hard drive when I no longer need them?

Can I select more than one partition from the duplicator hard drive and combine then into 1 partition?

Can I save files from a computer hard drive to the duplicator hard drive through USB connection?

What is the SMART USB option? How does it work? And can I combine this with the regular USB option?

Can I connect my duplicator to a computer network and generate duplications from a computer on that network?

How do I make my own mix CD by grabbing various tracks from several CD discs?

Can I upgrade my duplicator?

Can I add more drives/burners to my duplicator at a later time?

If I buy a duplicator now, can I install the hard drive by myself later?

If I buy a duplicator now, can I install the regular or SMART USB options by myself later?

DVD Duplicator - Errors

While performing the Copy function, my duplication progress freezes at 80% or 99% and will not finish. Why is that?

I am experiencing high fail rates during duplication. Why is that?

After making copies of my DVD on a duplicator, it will not play on my DVD player. Why is that?

After duplicating my discs, they start to skip during playback. Why?

After duplicating my discs, I start to hear static or crackling noise upon playback. Why?

I noticed there are rings on the bottom of my burned discs. Why is that?

After duplicating a master audio CD, the burned copies are missing tracks. What can I do to fix this problem?

What is Target Drive Not Ready?

What is Source Drive Not Ready?

What is Source Disc Empty?

What is Target Over Flow? Or Space Not Enough?

What is Device Not Ready?

I have a DVD video recorder I use to make my master disc on but my duplicator won’t copy the master disc. Why?

I have a bunch of blank discs that are different name brands. Is it OK to use different branded blanks for duplication runs?