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General M-Disc FAQ's

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What is M-Disc?

As opposed to light-sensitive organic dye use in standard CD, DVD, and less expensive BD (Blu-ray) discs, M-DISC is more stable, less corruptible, and is said to last ten times longer (up to a 1000 years) due to its resilient optical disc format that uses a rock-like non-volatile data layer. The technology is specifically designed to "etch" permanent data onto M-DISC media from an M-DISC writer or burner. M-DISC claims their discs are designed to protect your photo, video, music, and document data from degradation and loss for centuries whereas hard drives, flash drives, and other writable media can lose data.

2. Is the DVD Duplicator standalone?

Yes. All DVD Duplicator are standalone and no need to be connected to a computer or install a software.

3. How do I make a copy using your CD DVD Duplicator?

Just place your master on the very top drive.
Insert your desired number of disc (if you have more than one burner).
Select 'Copy' on the LCD. Then press 'ENT'

4. I bought some movie DVD's and music Cd's from a store, can i duplicate it using the CD DVD Duplicator?

No. All movie dvd and music cd bought from a store are copyright protected. The CD DVD Duplicator will NOT copy a protected disc.

5. Can a DVD Duplicator copy a CD?

Yes. All DVD Duplicator can copy CD's.

6. What formats can the DVD Duplicator accepts?

The DVD Duplicator can copy from CD-R to CD-R, CD+R to CD+R, DVD-R to DVD-R, DVD+R to DVD+R, and up to DL to DL.

7. Can a DVD Duplicator copy a CD+G format?

No. Our DVD Duplicators does not have the feature to copy CD+G format disc. You will need to order a CD+G duplicator in order to duplicate the CD+G discs.

8. After making a copy of my DVD, How come it doesn't play on my DVD Player?

There are two reasons for playback problems after duplication
1st: Blank Media has a low quality that dvd player may not be able to read it. We suggest getting a better quality of DVD-R media.
2nd: Most of the older DVD players does not support DVD-R or DVD+R playback format. It is best to try to use a newer dvd player, as most of the dvd player

nowadays supports all format.

9. How can I check if the copies are accurate?

In order to check the accuracy of the copied disc from the master, you may use the "Compare" selection in your duplicator. By doing this, the DVD duplicator

will check the copied disc and compare it with the master disc bit by bit and this is to ensure that the copy is 100% accurate.

10. Can I copy multiple CD or DVD titles at the same time?

No. The duplicators can only copy ONE CD or DVD title at a time.

11. What is "Target Drive Not Ready"?

When trying to do a copy and a message of “Target Drive not Ready” is being displayed, that means that

1. The blank discs already have data written on it
2. The disc type is different from the source or master disc (i.e. you may only copy CD to CD, DVD to DVD, DVD-DL to DVD-DL, BD to BD, etc.)
3. The disc might be bad.
4. The drive may not detect the disc.

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12. What is "Source Drive Not Ready"?

When trying to do a copy and a message of “Source Drive not Ready” is being displayed, that means that

1. The source drive has no disc in it.
2. The source drive is set to the wrong drive.
3. The drive cannot detect discs.

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13. What is "Source Disc Empty"?

When trying to do a copy and a message of “Source Disk Empty” is being displayed, that means that:

1. The disc on the top drive is blank and has no data written on it.
2. The source drive is set to the wrong drive.

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14. What is "Target Overflow"?

Target Overflow generally means that the master disk has more information than the blank disk can hold

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15. I'm getting a High Failure Rate or Receive NG Message. What does it means?

When trying to do a copy and the copy process fails.

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General Lightscribe FAQ's

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1. What is Lightscribe?

LightScribe is an innovative technology that uses a special disc drive, special media, and label-making software to burn labels directly onto CDs and DVDs.
All the labels you create are laser-etched—not printed—there's no ink, no smudging, and no peeling.

2. How does the lightscribe works?

1. Install the software that came with the duplicator.
2. Create a Lightscribe Label File (.LSI).
3. Burn the .LSI file from your computer onto a CD-R.
4. Load the disc on the very top drive or reader of the duplicator.
5. Load a Lightscribe disc onto the writer or burner of the duplicator label side down.
6. Select 'Lightscribe' in your duplicator's LCD using the up or down arrow. Then press 'ENT'
7. Select 'Print'. Then press the 'ENT' again.

3. I am installing the software in my computer and is asking me for a model number?. where can I find the model number?

You can find the model number in your duplicator by:
1. Scroll down to 'Setup'. Then press 'ENT'
2. Scroll down to 'Device Info'. Then press 'ENT'
3. Scroll down once (if you have a one burner duplicator) and twice (if you have two or more burners). Then press 'ENT'.
4. Take note of the model number.
5. Select the appropriate model number on your computer.
6. Install the software.

4. The duplicator is giving me a 'No LSI found'. What does this mean?

There is two main reason why you are getting that error message:
1st: The LSI File is for a different lightscribe burner (model number).
2nd: You have selected an incorrect model number during installation. You will need to re-install the software (see FAQ #3).

5. How do I create an .LSI file?

1. Open the Lightscribe Template Labeler (Lightscribe icon on your desktop)
2. Select a template you want to use. Click "Next"
3. Add text or images on the selected template. Click on "Preview and Print"
4. A new window will open up. Look at the very top left of the window and look for "Drive", it should say "Lightscribe Duplicator Label Writer". Click on "Print"
5. A new window will open up and will ask you to save the file.

Note: Make sure you know where the file is being saved. You will need to burn the .LSI file on a CD-R

6. Can I use the Lightscribe software from Lightscribe website?

No. The lightscribe software that came with the duplicator is customized to work with the duplicator.
You can download the file here: Lightscribe Software
- Use the following CD Key: LJQ5Q-QSXBY when you install the software.

Manuals and Firmware Update: Click Here