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ICS RoadMASSter-3 Forensic Hard Drive Acquisition Tool & Analysis Lab -

ICS RoadMASSter-3 Forensic Hard Drive Acquisition Tool & Analysis Lab - (F-GR-7700-901D)


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The RoadMASSter-3 Forensic Duplicator and data acquisition and analysis tool is designed to perform both as a fast and reliable hard drive imaging and data analysis unit. This computer forensic system is built for the road with all the tools necessary to acquire or analyze data from today's common interface technologies including FireWire 1394A/B, USB, IDE, SATA, SAS and SCSI. With features such as multiple media support, multiple capture mode support, on the fly hashing capabilities, powerful processor for analysis, the RoadMASSter-3 Forensic is a verstaile and powerful Forensic tool.

  • Rugged Design: Built for the road using a Storm case, it offers a tough,rugged, airtight, water tight and light weight design. At only 37 pounds it can be accepted as "carry-on" for transport.
  • Shock absorbent design.
  • Large 15" Color Display: Designed to operate indoors and outdoors.
  • Modular Design: Provides ease of maintenance. Keyboard, mouse and internal drive can be easily removed.
  • Low Power Processor:
  • Full Aluminum Enclosure: EMI shielding and mechanical protection.
  • Five USB Ports: To be used to connect different devices such as S?W dongles, Blue Tooth devices, Cards Readers, Memory Express Card Readers, Mini Hubs, Storage devices, Printers.
  • Two high-speed drive cooling fans.
  • Analyze Write-proteceted Data: Under the Windows XP Pro environment using 3rd party Forensic Analysis applications.

Hardware Features:

  • AMD CPU Opteron 260HE low power (Upgradeable for two CPUs)
  • 4GB DDR RAM (Upgradeable to 8GB and with two CPU up to 12GB)
  • 100GB 7200RPM internal SATA drive with Windows XP Professional
  • 15" TFT color LCD display super bright with 600 NITS
  • Slim CD-RW + DVD-RW
  • Slim Floppy Drive
  • 400 Watt Internal Power Supply
  • Stereo speakers

Software Features:

  • Multiple Capture: LinuxDD Segmented File Format
  • Single Capture: Mirror image sector-by-Sector format
  • IQCopy Capture: Copies only allocated clusters (FAT and NTFS file systems)
  • Wipeout (Sanitize) Drives: Uses the DoD standard or user defined function.
  • Hash Verification: (CRC-32, MD5, SHA-1, and SHA-2)
  • Saves and prints Audit Trail and Case information.
  • Multi Drive Copy: Simultaneously captures multiple Source drives to multiple Target drives.
  • MultiMASSter: Source multiple IT loads in a single drive.

Built-In Ports:

  • Two SAS/SATA (Evidence and Suspect)
  • One SATA for internal drive expansion
  • Two USB 2.0 (Evidence and Suspect)
  • Three USB 2.0 Generic
  • Two SCSI Ultra 320 68P (Evidence and Suspect)
  • Two 1394B (Evidence and Suspect)
  • One RJ-45 for Gigabit Ethernet
  • One VGA (connect to LCD or external Monitor)
  • One audio (connect to Speakers or Headphone)
  • Three Drive Power connectors (One for Suspect and two for Evidence drives)
  • One power for additional Suspect/Evidence drives or the internal SATA hard drive expansion.
  • One power connector to supply powqer to the display
  • One PS/2 keyboard
  • One PS/2 mouse



Supply Voltage 400W with universal auto switching
180W without drives
Power Consumption 110W
Operating Temperature 5 degress - 55 degrees C
Relative Humidity 20% - 60% non-condensing
Net Weight 37 lbs
Hard Drive 100GB 7200RPM internal 2.5" SATA
Other Storage CD-RW, DVD -/+ RW, FDD
Display 15" TFT color LCD display Super
bright with 600NIT
Sound System Stereo speakers and line in/line out
Case Dimension 21.7 x 14.1" x 8.9"
Operation System Windows XP Professional

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