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Auto Duplicators (Robotic Autoloaders)

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Automated Duplicators

Automated duplicators are high volume disc recorders that require minimum user operation through robotic loading device. These high capacity disc burners run as standalone machines, meaning no computer connection needed. The difference between auto duplicators and disc publishers are that auto duplicators do not provide direct disc printing.

The machine will automatically load, burn, and unload discs once the user stack blank recordable discs to input bin of a duplicator. The duplication run is controlled by a front controller panel.
While simple in operation, automated duplicator control panels can be used to adjust advanced settings such as burn speeds, burn times, audio track editing and automated start settings so that the machine will start without delay.

The final burned copies are moved by a robotic arm and neatly stacked in an output bin to allow for easy user retrieval. Automated duplicators are available with a capacity of 25 to 1,800 discs. The benefit of using these machines is that they can be left to run without supervision, freeing the user to work on other tasks.

The outcome amount will differ depending on the media format and the size of the discs. Due to their larger capacity, DVD and Blu-ray discs will take significantly longer burn time than CDs. Duplicators with four, six or eight drives provide the greatest efficiency as multiple discs can be burned at the same time. For example, an eight-drive duplicator can copy over 100 CDs per hour but only 40 to 70 DVDs per hour. A six-drive duplicator will write approximately 40 to 90 CDs per hour, and 30 to 65 DVDs within the same time frame. A four-drive copier can produce about 30 to 70 DVDs per hour versus 20 to 50 DVDs.

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