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Produplicator FAQ's

General CD DVD FAQ's

1. What is a Duplicator?

2. Is the DVD Duplicator standalone?

3. How do I make a copy using your CD DVD Duplicator?

4. I bought some movie DVD's and music Cd's from a store, can i duplicate it using the CD DVD Duplicator?

5. Can a DVD Duplicator copy a CD?

6. What formats can the DVD Duplicator accepts?

7. Can a DVD Duplicator copy a CD+G format?

8. After making a copy of my DVD, How come it doesn't play on my DVD Player?

9. How can I check if the copies are accurate?

10. Can I copy multiple CD or DVD titles at the same time?

11. What is "Target Drive Not Ready"?

12. What is "Source Drive Not Ready"?

13. What is "Source Disc Empty"?

14. What is "Target Overflow"?