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Nexcopy USB Clip Printer -

Nexcopy USB Clip Printer


USB Clip Printer

The USB Clip Printer is ideal for short run print runs for either single color or full color logos. The inkjet printable clips are of standard size and will fit nearly all swivel style USB flash drives. The process is simple. Print your logo from our easy-to-use software interface directly to the matte white clips. The prints are instantly dry and highly water resistant making it a perfect solution for quick turn USB branding jobs. Finally, swap the clip from your current drive with the all new printed clip. Easy. Fast. Economical.

The flash drive printer (USB7P) will print seven USB clips in full color in about 35 seconds. The USB7P uses a CMY ink cartridge and Black ink cartridge. The prints are beautiful, vibrant, immediately dry after printing and highly water resistant.

From Nexcopy’s simple user interface software, print seven clips with the same logo, or seven individual logos – all at the same time! The possibilities are endless with the all new USB7P! Based on Hewlett Packard’s inkjet print technology, the USB Clip Printer™ is an ideal office product for quick labeling of flash drives in monochrome or full color.

The Nexcopy inkjet printable clips are compatible with most standard swivel drives. The USB7P uses the inkjet printable clips made by Nexcopy and clips are print ready on both sides.

Key Features

  • Full color
  • Can print over 11 million colors
  • Seven slot USB Clip Printer
  • Print seven full color logos in about 35 seconds
  • Print duplicate images or individual logos at one time
  • Compatible with Nexcopy white inkjet printable clips
  • Inkjet clips are printable on both sides
  • Easy to use software and user interface
  • Prints from any jpeg or bmp file*
  • 4800 x 1200 dpi resolution**
  • * Image shoud be optimized for print area.
    ** 300 dpi image yields best print quality.


  • Convenience. No need to ship product to a print shop or wait 7-10 days for a contract factory to print logos. Print instantly and in full color. The Nexcopy USB Clip Printer™ is a cost-effective solution. Get more done in less time.
  • Ease-of-Use. The USB7P print software is extremely easy to use. Select JPEG or BMP images to be printed and easily size the image to fit the printable area of the USB clip. There is no need to deal with vector artwork, making screens or dealing with costly setup fees.
  • Flexibility. The Nexcopy inkjet printable clips accommodate nearly all standard swivel drives in the market. Swivel drives are the most common USB body style and the process to swap clips is simple and straight forward. With the USB7P’s ability to print over 11 million different colors you have the flexibility to print any logo in complete full color.


Printable USB Clip for use with Nexcopy's USB Clip Printer Triangle or Round Style

Please note that these clips do not include USB flash memory, which must be purchased separately.

Color and Black Ink Cartridge for use with Nexcopy USB Clip Printer


Host PC requirements Win XP
Win 7 32/64 bit
Power 120/240 V
Connection Two USB Ports Required
Resolution 4800x1200 dpi max
300 dpi for optimal print
Media Type Nexcopy white inkjet printable clip
Input tray capacity 7
Temperature 15C - 40C
Humidity 50% - 85%
Dimension (L x W x H) 452 x 286 x 267 mm
Weight 11 lbs / 5kg

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