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Microboards MX Series CD DVD Disc Publisher -

Microboards MX Series CD DVD Disc Publisher


Microboards MX Series Disc Publisher

The MX-1 and MX-2 Disc Publisher (Part No: MX1-1000 and MX2-1000) is ideal for organizations that need to produce anywhere from one to thousands of discs! Designed for industrial environments, MX-1 comes with a high-speed DVD/CD recorder while MX-2 comes with two high-speed DVD/CD recorders and both series with the industry’s fastest, lowest cost-per-disc inkjet printer, all integrated into a robust publishing solution.

MX-1 is a single-recorder while MX-2 is a dual-recorder and print-only version, the PF-Pro. All three feature 100-disc input and output capacity, Microboards’ enhanced automation for reliable loading and unloading of discs, and the ease of use you’ve come to expect with award-winning Microboards products. The Both Model comes complete with software and backed by a full one-year warranty from the industry’s best technical support team.

By utilizing the latest in HP inkjet technology, the print speed and quality of the MX Series of Disc Publishers and Printers is unequaled among disc duplicators. Separate C, M, Y, and Black ink cartridges means zero waste ?and the lowest possible cost-per-disc, as low as 9 cents for a full coverage print. One set of ink cartridges can produce 850 to 1,500 discs. Disc designs utilizing light text-only coverage could have a cost-per-disc as low as 2 cents, and throughput at upwards of 250 discs per hour. Coupled with the 18X DVD/48X CD recording speed in a single recorder or dual recorders, the MX Series is the best solution for high-volume disc publishing.

MX Series Features
  • Integrated HP thermal inkjet technology
  • 4800 dpi printing resolution
  • 100-disc capacity
**For MX-1
- As low as 9 cents per disc, full-color, full-coverage
- High-speed 18X DVD & 48X CD recording

**For MX-2
- 9 to 16 cents per disc, full-color, full-coverage
- 2 recorders
- 2 high-speed 18X DVD & 48X CD recording 


    Model MX-1 and MX-2
    Print heads required
    Software Prassi Zulu2 disc mastering software (Win 2K/XP/Vista)
    Charismac Discribe (Mac)
    SureThing label design software (Win 2K/XP/Vista)
    Mac Requirements OS 10.4.X
    G5 Power PC Processor  / Intel Processor
    512 MB RAM required (**For MX-1 only),
    1 GB RAM recommended

    Two hard drives recommended (7200 RPM IDE or SATA)
    PC Requirements Windows 2000 SP4
    Windows XP Professional SP2
    Windows XP Home Edition
    Windows Vista
    P4 3.0 Ghz or higher
    512 MB RAM rqeuired (**For MX-1 only),
    1 GB RAM recommended
    Two hard drives recommended (7200 RPM IDE or SATA)
    Connectivity USB 2.0 (Win 2K, XP, Vista, & Mac)
    Warranty One-year warranty with full tech support
    Weight 45 lbs. (**MX-1)
    47 lbs. (**MX-2)
    Dimensions 9" x 22" x 22"(14"H with input rods installed)

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