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Home : Voom SuperDuper - 1 to 8 Standalone HDD Hard Disk Drive Duplicator (SATA & IDE/PATA)
Voom SuperDuper - 1 to 8 Standalone HDD Hard Disk Drive Duplicator (SATA & IDE/PATA)

Voom SuperDuper SD82
1:8 Hard Drive Duplicator
Complete Stand-Alone

Item Code:VT-SDC-1-8
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Sale price:$3,499.00
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Systor 1-11

Systor 1-9

Voom 1-8

Transfer Rate

Up to 30MB/sec

Up to 60MB/sec


Drive Factor Support

Hard Disk Drive(HDD)/
Solid State Drive(SSD)

Hard Disk Drive(HDD)/
Solid State Drive(SSD)

Hard Disk Drive
(HDD) only

Support Form Factor

3.5" (2.5",
Adapter Required)

3.5" & 2.5"
(NO Adapter Required)

3.5" (2.5",
Adapter Required)

Wipe / Erase





3 Yrs Labor &
1 Yr Parts

3 Yrs Labor &
1 Yr Parts

1 Yr Parts



from $1625


Voom Technologies - SuperDuper ™ (SD82)

Dependable and built with proven technology, the Voom SuperDuper duplicates from 1 drive to 8 different drives at once. Both standard SATA and parallel ATA are built-in, meaning no adapters are required. Laptop hard drives are simply and quickly accommodated with laptop drive adapters. Data transfer speeds are up to 4.5 GB per minute per drive with no slow down in performance, whether duplicating 1 or all 8 drives.

The entire drive or images (files/operating system/software only) can easily be duplicated with minimal training. Designed for efficiency, the open access design allows for quick and fast cabling and disconnecting drives, with anti-static drive slots to protect hard drives. The 3 button input makes the SuperDuper easy and intuitive to operate; the 4 line LCD provides operator with quick instruction and status. Tower-mounted lights indicate whether the SuperDuper is in use, finished, or idle. If it needs attention, an audible buzzer will let you know.

With first-class duplication capabilities without huge system costs, Voom’s proven HardCopy technology is already in widespread use worldwide. Designed for large to small companies, the HardCopy technology is already in use stateside by the FBI, State Departement, Treasury, United States military, state and local law enforcement, and many other public agencies as well as organizations in the private sector.



Anti-static drive slots protect hard drives

Quick, friendly and reliable technical support provided

Designed for large to small companies

First-class duplication capabilities without huge system costs

Affordability with unrivalled cost-effectiveness


Duplication Modes

Clone: exact block for block duplicate
Smart Image: duplicates only file system and files, works with NTFS or FAT

Wipe Modes

Complete wipe: wipe up to 8 drives at once at 4.5 GB speeds
Post-clone image wipe: if destination drive(s) is/are larger than master, set to wipe remaining blocks

About VOOM Technologies, Inc.
VOOM delivers state of the art, universal, affordable storage solutions exclusively through business partners that provide government and companies of all sizes first class storage capabilities without huge system costs or complexities.

Physical Features

Operating Features

SATA/ATA Dual Ports
- 1 source port, write blocked
- 8 destination ports

Light Tower
- Provides clear visual from a distaance indicating duplicating, finished duplicating or idle

Tone Generator
- Indicates condition that requires attention (e.g., failed drive)

VOOM’s Renowned 3-Button Interface
- Industry’s easiest to use; unpack and begin duplicating immediately

4-Line LCD Screen
- Provides concise operating instructions and status information

Anti-Static Drive Slots
- Protect source and destination drives from harm

Open Drive/Port/Cable Access
- Provides fast and convenient access for all connections

Cables Included
- 9 SATA cables and 9 ATA cables
- 9 molex power cables
- 9 SATA power cables

Power Supply
- 500W easily powers all drives

Physical Characteristics
24"x 20"x 12"

Supports All SATA and ATA Drives
- Source and destination

Up to 4.5GB Per Minute Data Transfer Rate
- Data transfer rate sustained whether duplicating 1 drive or all 8
- Operates any drive as fast as it will go

Duplication Modes
- Clone: block by block copy of entire drive
- Smart Image: copy file system and files only, with NTFS and FAT

Copy DCO and HPA

Wipe Function
- Wipes all 8 drives at maximum speed (up to 4.5GB per minute)

Laptop Accommodation
- Easily handled with optional adapter

Drive Duplication Engine
- Design based on VOOM’s proven HardCopy drive duplication engine; trusted and in use by law enforcement worldwide

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Voom SuperDuper - 1 to 8 Standalone HDD Hard Disk Drive Duplicator (SATA & IDE/PATA)