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Home : Hard Drive Forensic Tools : Voom HardCopy 3P - 1 to 2 Portable Forensic SATA/IDE Hard Drive Imager
Voom HardCopy 3P  - 1 to 2 Portable Forensic SATA/IDE Hard Drive Imager

Voom HardCopy 3P - 1 to 2 Portable Forensic SATA/IDE Hard Drive Imager

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Mini Adapter Kit
Accessory Kit

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Voom HardCopy3 - MD5/SHA256
1 to 2 Portable Computer Forensics Hard Drive Imager
  • Reliable Fastest HDD Imager with Dual Output.  A first-rate combination that duplicates the source at up to 7.1 GB/min., and makes a 2nd copy with no slow down in imaging speed. Transfers at up to 7 GB/min. no hash and up to 6 GB/min with hash
  • Clone entire drive or select Image option to chunk data into a file or files.
  • LCD Instruction and 3 Button Interface Operation.  Two-line LCD provides simple-to-follow instructions and status information. Minimal training is required; so easy to operate, some users never even open the manual.
    VOOM’s acclaimed 3-button interface makes operations straightforward and effortless
  • Free firmware updates available for the life of the product
  • Small and lightweight - less than a pound

  • 1 SATA/IDE input
  • 2 SATA output RS232 with DB9 connector

 Verification (Implemented in Hardware)

  • Preloaded with both SHA256 and MD5
  • 32 bit CRC (chunked image only)
  • 16 bit CRC (clone and image).

 2-Line LCD

  • Provides concise operating instructions and status information.

 VOOM’s Acclaimed 3-Button Interface

  • Industry’s easiest to use. Makes sophisticated operations straightforward and effortless.

Real-Time Clock

  • Automatic and accurate; included for image annotation.

Field Upgradable

  • Allows newly developed features to be added quickly and with ease.

Cables/Adapters Included

  • 3 SATA DC power cables
  • 3 half-meter SATA I/O cables
  • 1 IDE adapter (for source drive)

Power Supply

  • Laptop style.

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 1.5”
  • Width: 5.5”
  • Depth: 4”
  • Weight: Less than 1 lb. (excluding accessories)
  • Package Dimension :  12" x 12" x 6"
  • Package Weight : 5 lbs

Up to 7.1 GB/Minute Data Transfer Rate (5.7 GB/Minute with Hash)

  • Source and destination. (Speed limited only by the maximum speed of HDD’s –operates any drive as fast as it will go.)
  • Data transfer rate sustained whether duplicating 1 drive or 2 drives.
  • Data transfer rate of up to 5.7 GB/min. sustained even with hash enabled.

Verify –Comes with SHA256 & MD5

  • Hash value automatically stored in image annotation file. Set to single-pass or dual-pass reverify.
  • 32 bit CRC hash value automatically stored for each chunk in image annotation file.

Format Disk

  • NTFS or FAT32.

Duplication Modes

  • Clone: block by block copy of entire drive; block locations identical to source
  • Image: block by block copy (ddimage) of entire drive chunked into single file or multiple files.

 Copy/Wipe DCO’s and HPA’s

  • Automatically detects, opens and copies or wipes all data, even data protected by Device Configuration Overlays and Host Protected Areas. 

Wipe Modes

  •  Entire Drive Wipe - Wipes up to 2 drives at max drive speed (up to 7.1 GB/min.)
  • Post-Clone Wipe – Wipes remaining blocks ensuring forensic data integrity.

 Drive Accommodation

  • ATA/IDE drives easily handled using adapters (1 included for source drive)
  • Laptop drives accommodated with ease using optional adapters.

Drive Duplication Engine

  • Design based on VOOM’s proven HardCopyTM drive duplication engine; trusted and in use by law enforcement worldwide.

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Voom HardCopy 3P - 1 to 2 Portable Forensic SATA/IDE Hard Drive Imager