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USB 2.0 Connection

USB 2.0 Connection

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USB 2.0 Connection/External Interface
for DVD/CD Duplicators

Our tower duplicators are complete, standalone systems; however, we provide an optional hardware component, the USB 2.0 external interface, which allows the duplicator to be connected to a computer or notebook laptop via USB cable. 

How does the USB 2.0 external interface work? 

  • The external interface communicates with the computer/laptop via USB cable. The USB cable is connected from the duplicatorís external interface to a USB port on your computer/laptop.
  • Once connected by USB cable, one (1) of the optical CD/DVD burners installed on the duplicator becomes activated and recognized on your computer/laptop as an external CD/DVD burner. If your computer/laptop is lacking an optical CD/DVD burner drive, then this option will definitely provide one for you!
  • With any disc burning software already installed on your computer/laptop, a master disc can then be created on the activated, external CD/DVD burner. Disc burning is made possible by the interaction from the duplicatorís USB 2.0 external interface to the computer/laptop.
  • Once the master disc has been finalized and created, the user can insert that master disc into the source reader (ROM drive) of the duplicator and then begin an actual duplication session/cycle.

As long as there is a computer/laptop to hook up the duplicator to, this USB 2.0 external interface provides the user available convenience to create a master optical disc wherever the duplicator is located at.

What is provided with this option?

  • FREE 3 ft. USB cable
  • FREE built-in hardware installation when combined with any duplicator purchase
  • FREE shipping when combined with any duplicator purchase

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USB 2.0 Connection