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Home : TEAC 1 to 10 USB Flash Drive Duplicator
TEAC 1 to 10 USB Flash Drive Duplicator

TEAC 1 to 10 USB Flash Drive Duplicator

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The T1000 production USB drive duplicator is normally used in a Stand Alone Mode. The front panel keys allow the user to select from a number of standard functions displayed on the LCD display. In a typical duplication job, the USB master drive is loaded into the T1000 Master Slot and then copy USB drives are loaded into the ten T1000 USB drive copy slots. The Start Key on the front of the T1000 is then depressed, and all 10 copy drives are now programmed with the exact information on the Master Drive.


An optional Win PC program allows job setup and control from a standard Win PC. T1000 jobs configured using this program are stored in the T1000 and can be selected from the front panel interface. The program allows creation and programming of Master Files. When a Master File is copied, the T1000 must be connected to the user's Win PC.


TEAC T-1000 USB Flash Duplicator System is all you need for your USB flash duplication environment. It is the only industrial-grade high quality USB flash duplication system available in the market.


  • Scalable/Upgradeable from 10 to 20, 30 or 40 slots
  • Fast speeds:  more than 300 MB/min
  • Individual slot modules. No "Hubs"
  • Fast verification. Bit by Bit verification
  • Copy to multiple drives of varying capacity
  • Copy to drives of varying vendor ID and / or product ID
  • Durable connectors / slots (10,000 insertions)
  • User defined jobs
  • Multiple user support
  • "Smart-Copy" allows copying just the data files so the job takes less time
  • Comprehensive log files feedback
  • Durable industrial design


Copy Capacity 1 Master Slot & 10 Copy Slots
Speed 300MB/min for fully loaded machine
Display 24 x 2 LCD
Power Supply 200W 115V/230 SPS
Dimensions 7" x 15.5" X 3.5"
Computer Interface USB 2.0 Device Port
Weight 15 lbs

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TEAC 1 to 10 USB Flash Drive Duplicator