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Home : Disc Publishers  : Shop by Brand - R-Quest : R-Quest 2 Burner 150 Disc BD/CD/DVD Network Attached Blu-Ray Publishing System
R-Quest 2 Burner 150 Disc BD/CD/DVD Network Attached Blu-Ray Publishing System

R-Quest 2 Burner 150 Disc BD/CD/DVD Network Attached Blu-Ray Publishing System

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NS-2100BDi Blu-Ray Publishing System Overview

  • Drives: 2 BD/CD/DVD recorders

  • Capacity: 150 Disc

  • Printer: Integrated FlashJet II inkjet printer

  • OS independent Stand-alone

  • Network attached

NS2100 - Network Publishing

Featuring TrueNet, the world's leading web browser-based disc publishing software, the NS2100 is a truly platform independent publishing solution, and comes without the need to maintain an embedded Windows, Linux or Mac OS server.

The next generation robotics combined with an easy to use yet powerful Web Browser user interface provides the ideal solution to publishing across multiple computer platforms such as Windows (32 & 64 bit), Mac OSX and Linux simultaneously on the same network. Because the system is controlled by the java-enabled web browser, there is no client software or printer drivers to install!

The NS2100 Hardware provides:

  • 150 Discs Input / Output of a single media type, or 75 discs of each of two media types available simultaneously (e.g. 75 CDs + 75 DVDs at the same time)

  • Fully enclosed unit with built-in disc printer

  • Platform Independence - no server maintenance required

  • Fully integrated network solution - just connect power and a network cable!

Web Browser Software - TrueNet LX

Before TrueNet: Imagine a corporate environment where the IT department is installing, maintaining and supporting all the computers with client software, printer drivers and all the associated problems that brings. Now imagine a new software release, and the whole process starts over.... but wait ....

With TrueNet: Because the NS2100 is a publishing appliance it eliminates that software maintenance need entirely! All users access the system with the java-enabled browsers already installed on their computers (e.g. Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari, etc.), so it doesn't matter if they use Windows (Vista, XP, 32 bit & 64 bit), Mac OSX or Linux! There is no need to install any client software or printer drivers, and users can start, stop, modify and monitor their jobs right from within their web browser.

TrueNet LX features:

  • Drag & Drop Mastering of Data, DVD Video & BD Video discs within the Browser window

  • Import of ready-made ISO images - even up to 50GB for Blu-ray!

  • Built-in Label Designer - works within the browser window!

  • Live edit & update of jobs - even while a job is running!

  • Easily repeat or restart jobs with additional quantities if required

  • Job priorities can be controlled on a user-by-user basis

  • Job priorities can be changed in real time by the administrator

  • CD, DVD and Blu-ray formats supported (Blu-ray optional)

  • E-Mail Event Notification - selectable on a job and user basis for each event type

  • Role-based User Security and Access control

  • Full System Logging - accessible in real time by the Administrator through the browser

  • Label Design Lockout - ensuring users select a pre-defined corporate label

  • Up to 5 unique users (more users available), all with their own login, password and e-mail address

  • Quota-based jobs on a user-by-user basis

  • Easy setup for Low Media and Low Print Supplies thresholds with e-mail notifications

  • Dual firmware support provides system redundancy

  • Upgradeable to TrueNet FX adding support for:

    • More Users

    • Easy to use Dynamic Form Fields within Labels (User-defined fields available to complete at publishing time, reducing the number of label designs required)

    • Easy to use Serialization

    • Easy to use Dynamic 'Mail-Merge' functionality

    • API Functionality

For more information, please download the NS2100 brochure, or ask your reseller for an online demo!

PDF Logo NS2100 Brochure 8.5"x11" (2.9MB)
PDF Logo NS2100 Brochure A4 (2.9MB)

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R-Quest 2 Burner 150 Disc BD/CD/DVD Network Attached Blu-Ray Publishing System