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Home : Produplicator 1 to 150 CD/DVD SATA Daisy Chain Duplicator (22x/40x Burners, 1TB HDD)
Produplicator 1 to 150 CD/DVD SATA Daisy Chain Duplicator (22x/40x Burners, 1TB HDD)

Produplicator SATA Daisy Chain Duplicate
150 Discs Simultaneously!
Max Burn DVD 22x, CD 40x

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Hard Drive Upgrade

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Standalone Duplicator Tower
Multiple Disc Copier
150 CD/DVD Burners + Built-In 1TB HDD
The 150DVD daisy chain duplicator offers optical disc burning technology suitable for anyone involved in disc duplication. The user-friendly LCD interface provides a simple one-step copy function that burns your CD and DVD blank discs at an optimal speed producing a maximum of 150 copies every burn cycle. Burning speeds are adjustable and other standard menu features are available for advanced users. A computer is not required at all for this standalone duplication system. All inside the copy tower itself, different CD and DVD formats are automatically detected to allow stable and secure buffer under run protected burning without the added trouble or stress from a computer to handle such functions. Ensuring a fast, cost effective solution for duplication runs whether burning is performed at home, office, or studio, benefit from high volume disc output and reliable performance from the 150DVD.
  • Standalone DVD/CD duplication: NO software or computer required
  • Easy operation with NO software and training required
  • Specially manufactured DVD reader and customizable controller to support high speed duplication
  • Intuitive user-friendly interface with LCD display
  • Multi-language capability: LCD screen text can be displayed in English, Spanish, French, Japanese
  • Improved load and copy supported:
    • NO more 2 step burning process!
    • NO more waiting for your master disc info to load into the hard drive before actual burning!
    • Simultaneously copy into the blank disc media while loading to the hard drive!
  • Automatic CD and DVD format detection: auto-recognition to see if discs are CD or DVD and the correct format to copy
  • Disc info feature: provides data on the format of the disc and the disc manufacturer's information
  • Auto DVD format conversion: converts media between DVD+R/RW and DVD-R/RW automatically!
  • Automatic copy, verify, and compare functions
  • Utilities and tools: prescan, erase, system info, update BIOS, and more
  • Multi-target simultaneous burning technology: NO cool down time required
  • Burning speeds up to 22x on both DVD+R and DVD-R: selectable options to burn at 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x, 12x, 16x, 22x
  • Burning time 3 to 4 minutes for half-capacity full DVD, 5 to 8 minutes for full-capacity DVD
  • Collect and edit track(s) from different discs to compile a mix CD
  • Upgradeable firmware via upgrade CD for future drive technology and update
  • Optional high-speed (hi-speed) USB 2.0 connection: when connected to a computer using the external connection, one of the optical burner drives on the duplicator becomes activated as an external burner

A hard drive in the duplicator decreases duplication time and increases the stability of the duplicator. Once the DVD or CD disc image is stored in the hard drive, the original source disc is no longer needed to perform duplication. Then from the controller panel of the duplicator, functions such as writing, deleting, and selecting the hard drive partition is done. If you have multiple originals which need to be duplicated time after time, the hard drive option is definitely recommended. The hard drive will be divided into smaller partitions where each partition can hold one DVD or CD disc. The size of each partition will depend on the type of the optical disc media.


This machine does not burn any copy protected DVDs or CDs!

For questions or detailed product information, 
please call
us toll-free at (866) 817-4094


Operating Type Stand Alone (No PC Required)
Language Text English, Spanish, French, Japanese
Internal Hard Drive 1TB HDD
Partition Naming Up to 8 alphanumeric characters
Buffer Memory Up to 256MB
Display Screen 20 x 2 LCD
Featured Reader Asus DVD-ROM drive
Featured Writer/Burner Pioneer 22x drive
Writing/Burning Speed Maximum
DVD-R: Up to 22x
DVD-RW: Up to 6x
DVD+R: Up to 22x
DL DVD-R: Up to 8x
DVD+RW: Up to 8x
DL DVD-R: Up to 8x
DL DVD+R: Up to 8x
CD-R: Up to 40x
CD-RW: Up to 32x
Supported Disc Formats
DVD-ROM, DVD-Video, DVD-Audio
DVD-R DL (Dual Layer)
DVD+R DL (Double Layer)
CD-ROM (Mode1 & Mode2)
CD-ROM/XA (Mode2 form1 & form2)
Video CD (VCD)
Photo CD (Single & Multi-session)
CD-Extra (CD Plus)
Business Card CD-R, 3" Mini CD-R
Supported Disc Sizes
12cm 4.7GB DVD-R, DVD-RW
12cm 4.7GB DVD+R, DVD+RW
12cm 8.5GB DVD-R DL, DVD+R DL
8cm 1.47GB Mini DVD-R
12cm 700MB 80min. CD-R
12cm 650MB 74min. CD-RW
8cm 210MB 24min. Mini CD-R
8cm 50MB Business Card CD-R
Burn Proof Yes
Firmware Upgradeable Yes
External PC Link Optional hi-speed USB 2.0 connection activates/detects only 1 writer/burner as an external drive on PC
Power Supply Input: 100~240V AC
Output: +5V DC, 3.8A
Regulation FCC, CE, RoHS, UL

3 years labor, 1 year parts warranty

The standard warranty covers the cost of parts and labor against any manufacturer defect within the first year from the original purchase date.

The cost of labor for product maintenance issues due to defect or malfunction will be honored up to the first 3 years from the original purchase date.

Lifetime technical support is provided standard.

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Produplicator 1 to 150 CD/DVD SATA Daisy Chain Duplicator (22x/40x Burners, 1TB HDD)